by Puccini
Conducted by Valery Ryvkin Directed by Corina Brenciu
Theater Three
Chicago Summer Opera
Visiting Company

As the poet, Prunier, speaks of romance and love, Magda, a prostitute, reminisces about her past. She soon realizes that as the mistress of Rambaldo, she is living without love. That night, she dresses up as a working class woman and goes off to the Bullier nightclub. There, she falls in love with a young man, Ruggero, and decides to leave Rambaldo. Things are going well with the couple until Ruggero surprises Magda, with a proposition of marriage. Magda is then forced to tell the young man about her immoral past. In the end, she feels she must leave Ruggero and leaves him sobbing.

Running Time: 3 hours with intermission

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