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Because of our family of donors, Theater Wit has become a landmark destination in Chicago for the best neighborhood theater experiences. We produce our own smart, funny premiere works and also curate opportunities for other producing entities, artists, audiences, and the larger community to connect in new and meaningful ways.

As a non-profit arts organization, we need your partnership today to elevate Chicago theater and to lead the artistic conversation in our community. Please make a gift and join one of our Donor Circles, detailed below.

Donor Benefits

  • Wit Club ($1-$99.99)
    • Smart.Art newsletter with special insider information
    • Year-long acknowledgement in playbills
  • Artists' Circle ($100-$249.99)

    Includes all Wit Club benefits, plus...

    • Attend our exclusive Salon Series events
    • Preview what’s to come by attending a production’s first rehearsal
  • Performance Circle ($250-$499.99)

    Includes all Artist Circle benefits, plus...

    • Step inside the rehearsal process by reserving a seat: we will open two seats for donors for the first hour of almost every rehearsal.
  • Directors' Circle ($500-$999.99)

    Includes all Performance Circle benefits, plus...

    • Be our guest at our annual season kick-off party
    • Enjoy reserved VIP seating for shows
  • Founders' Circle ($1000-$4999.99)

    Includes all Directors' Circle benefits, plus...

    • Join us at an annual Board of Directors hosted dinner to discuss organizational goals and challenges for the upcoming year
    • Standing invitation to attend opening night performances and celebrations
  • Leadership Circle ($5000+)

    Includes all Founders' Circle benefits, plus...

    • We'll throw a lovely dinner party at your home for up to six of your guests prepared by our artistic director (he's a very good cook). Food and clean up included :)

Some people wonder, “if I buy tickets, why are you also asking me to donate?” It’s a good question and the short answer is...a thrilling theatrical experience exceeds what we can charge for tickets. Ticket sales help measure the success of our work but they do not cover the majority of costs needed to put that work onstage. To do that, we’d have to ask for hundreds of dollars per ticket and expect that no one could come. That sounds like a terrible theater to us.

Instead, we ask for your partnership as a donor. And because of Theater Wit’s signature Smart Art organizational model, you can know that 100% of your contributions are going toward the art.

Please, make a donation today. Join one of our giving circles through a one time gift or a monthly gift over time. Monthly giving is a convenient and impactful option for those who like to give smaller amounts at a time and monthly giving donors may cancel the monthly pledge at any time.

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