Part of Wit's 2017-18 Season: "Who are we?"
★★★ Terrific, poignant and funny. Engaging througout... Heads for the open range of American populism and paranoia.Chicago Tribune
CRITIC'S PICK. A thought-provoking romp that’s not to be missed. Magic!Performink
Stellar! This is a dark comedy that rings all too true.The Hawk Chicago
Masterful!Windy City Times
Meyer is brilliant!Chicago Reader
A stellar ensemble!Broadway World
As eye-opening and thought-provoking as Animal Farm, Jeremy Wechsler’s production is a tense, terrifically-acted story that offers a solid evening of provocative intrigue and entertainment. Chicago Theater Review

Pony Up, America!

Equestria is a land of friendship. Equestria is a land of magic. Equestria is Ben’s apartment in rural Pennsylvania. Every Tuesday night, Ben hosts "The Rust Belt Ponies Meet-Up Group for Adult Fans of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC.” Sharing fun with these friends is a wonderful place to be. After all, nothing bad can happen in Equestria… 

But when an ominous neighborhood watch brigade starts patrolling the streets, fear and paranoia creep into the circle of friendship. The outside world is turning more violent and authoritarian, and it is sucking our heroes into an entirely different story.

THE ANTELOPE PARTY is Eric Meyer's amazing and timely new comedy which explores the rise of a new social order and how the currents of history, normalization and fear can sweep up even the most generous bronies.

In the midst of increasing violence and authoritarianism, how can our heroes see the Magic in Everypony? And, even worse, what if they do?

In the midst of increasing violence and authoritarianism, how can our heroes see the Magic in Everypony? And, even worse, what if they do?

The Antelope Party

a world premiere for everypony by

Eric John Meyer

directed by Jeremy Wechsler

what makes director Jeremy Wechsler’s production engaging throughout is the way the cast commits to these characters without turning them into caricatures of either obsessive-nerd culture or jackbooted thugs. This isn’t a point-and-laugh-at-the-oddballs exercise. Wechsler and the half-dozen actors make us care about the people under the pony manes.Chicago Tribune
The dumpster fire of 2017 in hilarious and relatable terms. Playwright Eric John Meyer gives life and breath and love to all of these oddly human misfits. The entire ensemble brings this play world to life with a love and vivacity that only true Bronies could rally. A sensory overload that heightens the audience immersion. NOT TO BE MISSED!Performink
Eric John Meyer’s cautionary play, which feels drawn from today’s headlines, comes to life under the skillful direction of Jeremy Wechsler.The cast is first rate and Will Allan, in one of the strongest performances of his young career, is terrific as Shawn. A call to arms.Chicago Theatre Review
Go for the rainbows and twinkly lights, stay for the incredible specificity of performances, not to mention the remarkable set and costume designs. There are gems in this strange little play worth experiencing.New City
The Antelope Party preys on the fears all liberal Americans have been forced to face in the last troubling year. This is a dark comedy that rings all too true. Both wholly shocking and frighteningly expected. Stellar! The Hawk Chicago
Meyer takes an odd, fascinating turn: the neighborhood where the misfits meet has become an outpost for a watch group that evolves into a militant political organization with an arcane, quasi-Wagnerian mythology. Meyer is brilliant at showing how fantasy play may produce a brony or a neo-Nazi. Chicago Reader
Meyer is a confident writer who nails the elated, obsessive banter of an enthusiastic group of fans.TheaterMania
This deeply unsettlingly dark comedy truly is a reflection of our times. Director Jeremy Wechsler and his fine cast have fun with Meyer's upsetting material without ever getting too didactic or preachy. Anyone who has been following the news cycle since 2016 will see the value of what the play The Antelope Party has to say. Windy City Times
Under the helm of Theater Wit Artistic Director Jeremy Wechsler, THE ANTELOPE PARTY has a stellar ensemble to bring Meyer's work to life. Mesmerizing!Broadway World

Making The Antelope Party

an interview with playwright Eric John Meyer and actor Edward Mawere


Will Allan*

Anu Bhatt

Mary Winn Heider

Evan Linder

Edward Mawere

Annie Munch


directed by Jeremy Wechsler
stage managed by Sarah Luse*
scenic design by Joe Schermoly
lighting design by Diane Fairchild
costume Design by Karen Krolak
sound design by Jeffrey Levin
violence by Jaq Siefert
assistant stage management by Kaitlyn Broyles

* denotes a member of Actors Equity Association