In this new piece, which really is great, Daisey smartly positions himself explicitly as an artist, a fellow traveler of con men, flimflam artists, magicians and star performers of their own show. On Saturday night, those truths landed hard.Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Created by Mike Daisey

performed by Elizabeth Ledo, Joe Foust and Steve Stafford

Scary and hilarious… A formidable researcher, independent thinker, and a great theatergoing experience. Daisey is one of the best storytellers in the country.BROADWAY WORLD
A critically comedic probe of what makes the Republican presidential nominee tick.New York Times
A vulgar and potentially dangerous joke…scabrously funnyWashington Post

On October 15, Mike Daisey brought Theater Wit a never-before seen, entirely new take on the reigning world heavyweight of self-mythologizing, the short-fingered vulgarian who is horrifying the general public on a daily basis: Donald J. Trump. Daisey tells Trump’s story from his earliest days, tracking him as he makes himself into a new American archetype—the very first rich man famous exclusively for being rich. Daisey breaks down what makes Trump tick—and in doing so illuminates the state of our American Dream and how one man seeks to immolate it along with himself. This is incredibly hot political theatre, fresh with each daily revelation.

Join Chicago favorities Elizabeth Ledo, Steven Stafford and Joe Foust for a special reprise performance/returns viewing party on 11/8 (not 11/28!)

Mike Daisey performs The Trump Card on 10/15

So funny you’ll want to cry.Curtain Up Philadelphia
His ability to spin layered, entrancing oral stories amounts to a superpower. Washington City Paper
His audience was rapt and uncomfortable. There were sharp intakes of breath when Daisey revealed particularly ugly facts about the Trump family; there was audible shifting in chairs when Daisey asked liberals why they did not see Trump coming.Washington Post

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