2010-11 Season

A smart, sharply observed and exceptionally enjoyable affair.. 90 minutes of humor and painful truths that really zip along in a production directed with real verbosity, pace and wit by Jeremy WechslerChicago Tribune
Funny, perceptive [and] intriguing. Chicago Sun Times
Recommended! Theater Wit’s production of this incisively witty play is not to be missed. New City
Itamar Moses is just one hell of a playwright, and this coy little game of a play benefits from his extraordinary wit. Chicago Reader
October 2010

The Four of Us

by Itamar Moses

directed by Jeremy Wechsler

starring Usman Ally and Colin Geraghty

A Chicago premiere by one of America's hottest new playwrights, The Four of Us is a comedy about friendship, male bonding through competition and the price of success. Friends since adolescence in band camp, David and Benjamin have great artistic aspirations. But when Benjamin signs a seven figure book and movie deal for his first novel their comfort zone abruptly disappears. David finds himself increasingly unable to negotiate a friendship with such dramatic inequality. What happens to our closest friends when professional jealousy cracks the bonds of years of camaraderie? This is a remarkably funny look at how men form friendships, and how the oldest and deepest relationships can be surprisingly fragile.


February 2012


by Melissa James Gibson

directed by Jeremy Wechsler

Jane is a recent widow whose dating life is a shambles, and her helpful friends are only helping make things more complicated. Tom and Merrill think it's time that their windowed friend Jane comes out of her shell and starts dating but after a party game goes awry the resulting affair threatens to unravel their entire circle of friends. Join us for a powerhouse production of Gibson's latest rueful comic meditation on love, adulthood and adultery. An honest and true comedy how we all are backing into middle age today.

Highly Recommended! An unusual blend of yearning, grief, desire, satire and self-lacerating humor is one of those plays that sneaks up on you in a wholly unexpected way. Sensational!Sun Times
Recommended! Profoundly moving, both caustic and funny! The kind of smart-but-accessible date-night show that combines laughs with tearsChicago Tribune
★★★★ A to-die-for-production. A triumph!CTR