2007 Season

November 2007

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol

by Tom Mula, starring Tom Mula

directed by Steve Scott

The 2007 holiday season not only brought back the return of Mitchell Fain in The Santaland Diaries, but also the return of Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, Tom Mula's smash hit at the Goodman Theatre for its first engagement in Chicago in ten years.

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol is the story of Jacob Marley's heroic behind-the-scenes efforts to save old Scrooge's soul--and in the process, save his own. Aided by a Bogle, a malicious little hell-sprite with an agenda of his own, their hilarious journey takes them from the Jaws of Death to the Mouth of Hell--and beyond! This irreverent, funny, and ultimately, deeply moving story retells Dickens' classic with warmth and infectious zest.

Tom Mula's masterful version will move strong men to tears... It really is the one Christmas show you should see this year.WBEZ
Anyone depressed or jaded by the holiday season should rush immediately to see Tom Mula's truly amazing and touching performance in Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol for an immediate uplift. Though other companies regularly produce this play, you're getting it straight from the brilliant source at Theater Wit.Windy City Times


Brilliant! Outstanding! Bold and Breathtaking!Chicago Tribune
Nguyen's script does something unexpected from the get-go. It straddles a line between parody and homage, and, in the end, actually succeeds in making you think. In the end, the show poses one question: If absolute power corrupts, what about superpower? Along the way, it just might challenge your beliefs of what it takes to be a hero (super or otherwise).Chicago Sun Times
Fueled by Joseph Fosco's pile-driving sound design and wonderful video and animation by Jessica Ross and Robert Ross Parker, Jeremy Wechsler's slam-bang, film-noir staging moves things at warp speed, so fast you can't wonder about what's missing till it's over... Chicago Free Press
September 2007

Men of Steel

by Qui Nguyen

directed by Jeremy Wechsler

This astonishing superhero epic featured both amazing fights and remarkable dialogue. A sophisticated social satire about our relationship as a society to power and our own heroes. A slam bang, totally out of control, thrilling transfer to the stage straight from the comic pages.