2005-06 Season

April 2006

Thom Pain (based on nothing)

by Will Eno

directed by Jeremy Wechsler
starring Lance Baker

Lance Baker raced his way back and forth and around Thom's life in Will Eno's astonishing text. As he desperately and uncomfortably searched for the answers we come to realize that it isn't really his story at all, but ours.

Jeff Award — Excellence in Solo Performance

Lance Stuart Baker navigates the many levels of Eno's script with gilded finesse. He masterfully underplays, guiding each moment to its comical height. As skillfully guided by director Jeremy Wechsler, Baker's Pain is shifty and indulgently downtrodden. Baker also backs up the unusualness of the proceedings with a firm emotional connectedness. His character actually aches and seemingly represents all the confusion and contradictory emotion that every human being experiences.

At one point in time, Pain exclaims..."Isn't it great to be alive?" It may be an even greater achievement to witness superb comic theater like Theater Wit's THOM PAIN (based on nothing).Chicago Free Press
More than the every-no-man of absurdist literature, Baker's Thom Pain is a specific one. He's that guy, the creepy, abject guy you don't exactly like but can't quite dislike, whose dyspeptic, disenchanted and self-consciously clever worldview intrigues as much as it distances. He reflects, and knows he does, your own sad soul.Time Out Chicago
Fascinating! Beautiful, clever and blackly comic.Chicago Sun Times


A comedy of pure ridiculousness performed by a cast with the smarts to make it work... Hope and Crosby on pogo sticks!... Clinger is a comic genius.The Pioneer Press
The wit and sparkle coming in such abundance that we hardly notice that two hours have gone byWindy City Press
October 2005

Two for the Show

by Will Clinger and James Fitzgerald

directed by Jeremy Wechsler