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Mat Smart (2015 Jeff Award Winner - Best New Work) brings his newest comic drama to Theater Wit to kick off the 2016/17 theater season. Naperville was a New York Times “Critic's Pick,”. A heartfelt and beautiful meditation on the "comedy and tragedy of quiet places we are too quick to forget" as a “valentine to the heart and soul of the American suburbs.” (New York Theater Review)

That idyllic suburb is none other than west suburban Naperville, where Howard is considering abandoning his career in Seattle to move back home to care for his mother Candice after an accident has left her blind. At the Caribou Coffee in downtown Naperville, Howard and Candice cross paths with Anne, Howard’s high school classmate and an expert on the suburb’s founder, Captain Joseph Naper. Ultimately, Naperville is a comedy about high school crushes, curfews (for your mother), sight, and how beauty reveals itself in the suburbs.

And small lattés. In a medium cup. With extra foam.

An award-winning cast includes Mike Tepeli, Abby Pierce, Charlie Strater united with Theater Wit audience favorites Laura T. Fisher ("Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England") and Andrew Jessop ("Completeness" and "Mr. Burns: a post-electric play") for this lovely, haunting and hilarious evening.

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created and performed by Mike Daisey

with additional performances by Elizabeth Ledo, Joe Foust and Steven Stafford

Find out about The Trump Card

One of the best shows I’ve seen this year! A must-seeTheatre by Numbers
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Mr. Wechsler has evoked such honest, emotionally wrought performances from his five actors that he makes every theatergoer feel like a fly on the wall.Chicago Theatre Review
★★★ A poignant portrait of perseverance. OutstandingDaily Herald

Created and Performed by Mike Daisey

additional scheduled performances by Elizabeth Ledo, Joe Foust and Steve Stafford

Scary and hilarious… A formidable researcher, independent thinker, and a great theatergoing experience. Daisey is one of the best storytellers in the country.BROADWAY WORLD
A critically comedic probe of what makes the Republican presidential nominee tick.New York Times
A vulgar and potentially dangerous joke…scabrously funnyWashington Post

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Mike Daisey takes on the reigning world heavyweight of self-mythologizing, the short-fingered vulgarian who captured a nation’s heart through bullying, charm, one-syllable explosions, and occasionally telling the brutal truth: Donald J. Trump. Daisey tells Trump’s story from his earliest days, tracking him as he makes himself into a new American archetype—the very first rich man famous exclusively for being rich. Instead of dismissing Trump as a simple con artist and huckster, Daisey breaks down what makes Trump tick—and in doing so illuminates the state of our American Dream and how we’ve sold it out.

Please note: The Trump Card is performed by a variety of artists. Mike Daisey is performing opening night ONLY. Subsequent performances are by Elizabeth Ledo, Steven Stafford and Joe Foust as noted on the schedule.

Also now playing

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Sheer perfection!" — Sun Times

★★★★ Charming. A loving appreciation of an underappreciated place — Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago

Find out about Naperville

So funny you’ll want to cry.Curtain Up Philadelphia

Mike Daisey performs The Trump Card on 10/15

His ability to spin layered, entrancing oral stories amounts to a superpower. Washington City Paper
His audience was rapt and uncomfortable. There were sharp intakes of breath when Daisey revealed particularly ugly facts about the Trump family; there was audible shifting in chairs when Daisey asked liberals why they did not see Trump coming.Washington Post





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