CT(u)C 2017: Chicago Theater (un)Conference

The Fifth Not-So-Annual Chicago Theater (Un)Conference

August 18-August 20

The Chicago Theater (un)Conference is back! A full weekend structured to maximize conversation and exploration more than presentation self-generated from the Chicago Theater Community.

You should be a part of it, we want to ask questions like:

  • What should we demand of the theater, as artists and audiences?
  • What's the best idea you implemented all year?
  • How do we make our work and our community even better?
  • Where do we stand, as a community of artists, within a city, within a country?
  • What genius solution did you come up with at Four Moon that no one has ever tried?

For five years, Chicago Theater Artists and Administrators have come together to talk, mix and share information. Your conference pass (early bird price only $59 for the weekend) includes lunch along with evening gatherings to hang out with your peers. Knowledge, snacks and sandwiches?!? Sign me up!

Reserve your conference pass today to get $20 off door price

Current List of 2017 sessions

  • (R)evolutions in press relations, panel discussion
  • Arts Engagement and Generation X, John Zinn, Steppenwolf Theatre
  • Building a marketing plan, John Olson
  • CACTA: THe Chicago Actors' Call to Action, Lee Wichman, Managing Director, CACTA
  • Chicago Theatre Standards , Lori Myers and Laura T. Fisher
  • Climate Change meets theater: visioning, terror, and hope, Rebecca Joy Fletcher
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia in Theater, Brian Tims, Cuckoo Theatre Project
  • Hospitality in the Arts...a Dying Art!, Matthew Sitz, Court Theatre
  • Implementing Audio Description, Bridget Melton, Goodman Theatre
  • It IS Easy Being Green, Nan Zabriski, Chicago Green Theatre Alliance
  • Making Art for the Future: Digital Education and the Arts, Ann Marie Carrothers, Mozilla Foundation
  • Mentorship for Women in the Arts, Erika Haaland, Statera Foundations
  • Parents in Chicago Theatre: Making it Happen, Rachel Hewitt, Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts
  • Playwright Resources Roundtable, panel discussion
  • Playwright Whispering: Behind the Curtain of New Play Development, Kevin Fox
  • Podcasting 101, David J. Loehr, Incomparable Radio Theater
  • Social Media Marketing in Chicago Theatre, Olivia Lilley, Pop Magic
  • The Assistant Director, panel discussion
  • Theater and Venue Relations: A community wish list, panel Discussion
  • Theater Law 101, Lawyers for the Creative Arts
  • Touch Consent in the Theatre, Jaq Siefert
  • Venue/Renter Relationships, panel discussion

Check out the schedule!