CT(u)C 2018: Chicago Theater (un)Conference

The Sixth Not-So-Annual Chicago Theater (Un)Conference

August 24-August 26

The Chicago Theater (un)Conference is back! A full weekend structured to maximize conversation and exploration more than presentation self-generated from the Chicago Theater Community.

You should be a part of it, we want to ask questions like:

  • What should we demand of the theater, as artists and audiences?
  • What's the best idea you implemented all year?
  • How do we make our work and our community even better?
  • Where do we stand, as a community of artists, within a city, within a country?
  • What genius solution did you come up with that no one has ever tried?

For ten years, Chicago Theater Artists and Administrators have come together to talk, mix and share information. Your conference pass (early bird price only $59 for the weekend) includes breakfast, lunch along with evening gatherings—including a full BBQ—to hang out with your peers. Knowledge, snacks and sandwiches?!? Sign me up!

Reserve your conference pass today to get $20 off door price

Call for speakers

CT(u)C is entirely community generated. The conference is deliberately structured to feel informal and spark conversations, with sessions limited to about 1/2 presentation and 1/2 group conversation. We generally forego powerpointing each other ;).

What have you been working on? What new initiatives are you interested in starting? What excites you about the work you have just completed or are rolling out in the new season? You should share it. Everything is on the table: budgeting, environmental accountability, playwright processes, podcasts, audience development, activism, press relations, season selection... you name it.

Send us a proposal or a request!

If there is something you'd like to speak (or hear about), drop us an email. Speakers get a free conference pass for the full weekend.

Propose a session!